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zen is about directly experiencing the truth rather than working out ideas, no matter how smart they seem. your words above come across as ideas you have worked out. have you directly experienced the truth that hopefully initiated them?

also, with zen, we find it better to try and help people to help themselves, through concentrating on practice and technique. so what practice do you do and how has it helped you?

very good points, my friend. i appreciate your curiosity. i will gladly share with you some of my experiences:

1) eating a sandwich, and feeling in my skin and bones that my skin and bones are soon to be made of the sandwich. thinking that from birth, i ate. and what i ate has become what i am. feeling this, not just thinking it. knowing it in my body, not just wondering about it in my mind.

2) reaching into the toilet bowl and feeling the poop with my fingertips. then, later while eating, spitting out my mostly-chewed sandwich and feeling it with my fingertips. feeling the strong similarity of texture.

3) lying on my back, arms stretched outwards to either side, palms up. eyes closed, always eyes closed. as slowly as i possibly can, i begin to move my hands towards my torso. "as slowly as possible".. please take that as literally as you can imagine... the hands keep trudging along, and the task is to touch my index fingertips together. i've done this a few times, and it's always taken at least half an hour or so. and remember, the eyes are closed the whole time....... eventually, finally, the fingertips do touch....and of course it's not too easy, because the eyes are closed.... honestly, i don't know if i've ever had the patience to let the fingertips touch, without having to bend my fingers a bit in order that my fingers may touch, but not necessarily the tips.... i won't say any more about my reaction to this particular exercise.

4) walking outdoors with eyes closed as much as possible. i.e., eyes open as much as necessary to not die.

5) zazen-type meditation in public, with eyes closed, in crowded areas, like streets and pedestrian zones. three times holding out a $20 bill, as if offering it to the passers by. when the meditation ends, i leave the money where i sat and i walk away. in each case somebody else takes the bill. only once did somebody really try to give it back to me. i did not take it.

6) closing eyes and walking at a normal, comfortable pace into a sofa. (not a wall, in order not to break my nose.) feeling "thought" vanish as the body collides with the object and must ensure its own survival.

7) pulling back the flesh on my face as much as possible, in order that i might have a better glimpse of the skull underneath.

8) touching my hand to a wall and losing the sensation of "my hand is touching the wall," and finding the sensation of "the hand and the wall are touching one another"

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