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Good Book 
08:30pm 26/12/2005
  I recently finished reading Buddhism after Patriarchy by Rita M. Gross. It is a really fantastic book. She begins with the acknowledgement that current Buddhist institutions and practices are highly androcentric and tend to inhibit the spiritual potential of female members of the Buddhist community. She then sets out to determine if gender inequality is inherent in Buddhist doctrine and thought, or if the sexist practices are extraneous to the true heart of Buddhism. The first section details the place of women during three major developmental phases of Buddhism: early Indian Buddhism, early Mahayana Buddhism, and early Vajrayana Buddhism. The second section looks at major teachings of Buddhism in light of their implications for gender equality or hierarchy--mainly egolessness, emptiness, and buddha nature. Over the course of these two sections she concludes that the essence of Buddhism not only fails to condone sexism but in fact supports the full equality of women and men and that therefore practices that inhibit women's spiritual development are in fact antithetical to the dharma. She devotes the third section of the book to detailing what a Buddhism purged of outdated androcentric attitudes would look like. She includes two methodological apendices: one on the basics of feminist theory and one on the differences in studying religion from an acedemic and a practitioner's veiwpoint (she is both a scholar of religion and a practicing Vajrayana Buddhist). I recommend it to everyone!

You can find more book recommendations at Buddhist Connect. http://www.BuddhistConnect.com
Buddhist Connect is getting really big now. You can date, make friends, join clubs, look for a job, post an event and sell your items. It is a really great resource for all Buddhists!
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04:32am 24/01/2005
mood: peaceful
This started as a reply to a post made a couple days ago in an LJ Zen community, but it became long enough that I feel it can be used as a post all on it's own. I often refer to myself as a "Blasphemous Buddhist" or "Blasphemous Buddha" because there are some perceptions and beliefs that I have that may seem to controdict many of the practices and stated values that some Buddhists (particularly religious Buddhists) have.

None the less, as one of my last posts before bed I thought I'd share my practice and a glimpse the perceptions that are expeienced here.

Re: What is your practice? How's it going?
(Also discussed time constraints in the post.)

Feeling and Connecting

This is my practice. I understand the universe and creation as something akin to a spider web wherein we are all a strand and possess links to other parts which we directly experience and interact with, yet through feeling and cherishing we can be made to feel our connections to everything else.

There is much grounding in my work. While half lotus is very comfortable to me, It is not manditory in my practice. I cherish experience, I will place my hands upon trees and feel through them, and touch the dirt through their roots and the grass through the dirt, or walk with open fingers to join with the air.

I experience emotion and maintain connection to my memories of times of cold objectivity. There is no pain or joy that is not sacred. There is no indifference that is not wholesome. It is being able to experience and observe both these things at once that is a sign of transcendance to enlightenment.

None of these things should be forced... in my own practice, if I find myself having to rearange my schedule just to perform them something is very wrong. I can not say that what I do will be best for you because while we are connected, we may or may not be parts of the web in differend places.

Still, I will suggest that if you are having trouble finding time, don't. Every so often touch something... just for a moment. Feel yourself becoming one with it, smile (or not), and let go. It only takes 1-6 seconds. You don't need to take hours for meditation, take moments. Any time of the day, happy or sad, angry or blissful. In my experience it is a calming process, and over time even when I am not focusing on the connection between myself and all things I feel a gentle harmony with that which is around me.

I'm not sure if this is what you were looking for but... no less I hope it helps. :)
Good feelings. 
02:53am 03/01/2005
  One of the last times I saw my teacher we had a discussion with a few other people about the nature of happiness and kindness. We concluded that one of the unique things about good feelings is that once we have them they are something that we want to spread to others -- they aren't selfish.

Tonight I have experienced a rather nice feeling that I'd like to share with the community because often it's times like this that I feel closest to enlightenment. It's been a while since I've felt this kind of thing. It's most likely because I've been caught up in the physical and mundane and haven't allowed myself to settle and dream. It's difficult to describe some of what I wish to communicate but none the less I thought I'd include an exerpt through my own journal.

"Tonight I have stayed up late again. I feel a joyful somber sense of spiritualism. I can feel the endings of relationships through the people around be, but through others I can also feel new beginnings. It's interesting how I sit awake now flipping through journals, staring off into space, and feeling the sound of the computer fan gently wash over me. Things end and things die. New flowers grow, and new loves are created. Happy. Sad. It's just the way it works.

It is what it is. I feel connected to the fluid of the universe itself. I want to smile, and I feel like crying.

It's beautiful -- not unlike seeing soap a bubble shifting in the sunlight with it's many colors swirling around each other.

For the first time in a while I feel enlightened."

Have a good day. :)
nothing special...... 
09:43pm 22/12/2004
  (content taken from here)

zen is about directly experiencing the truth rather than working out ideas, no matter how smart they seem. your words above come across as ideas you have worked out. have you directly experienced the truth that hopefully initiated them?

also, with zen, we find it better to try and help people to help themselves, through concentrating on practice and technique. so what practice do you do and how has it helped you?

very good points, my friend. i appreciate your curiosity. i will gladly share with you some of my experiences:

yeah................................Collapse )
A Taoist discussion Community 
10:10pm 22/06/2004
  I am a Taoist who has been studying on and off for 3 years. I've been studying the Tao Te Ching very thoroughly now and I have been looking to dicuss it regularly. I've searched many communities and none of them seem to be very active, or have many members.

So, I have established the living Tao, in which I will post passages regularly (or you too can post passages) to discuss. I've learned much from the Tao, so I hope to learn a lot from the rest of you also.


Please visit and comment. I'd like to discuss the passages, the way itself, or favorite translations. Sometime soon I'd also like to discuss the Yin and Yang. Feel free to comment and suggest!

I hope this community will be different than others because I will be updating it regularly.. Please make this community a great one with me!

Thank You,
-Shirono (the White one)

By the Way, I apologize for the mass amounts of crossposting.
New Taoism Community 
08:52pm 11/05/2004
  just started tao_talk

(yes, it's a joke, talkin' about the tao)

come join & help make it what you want it to be!

the lj user formally known as rawdolphin
Just joined 
02:36am 06/12/2003
  Nimen Hao! (did I spell that right?)

I just thought I'd post something really quick to announce my joining of this group :P

Anyways, I look forward to reading and posting in the group, etc :)
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09:39pm 06/11/2003
mood: odd
Wow... forgot this was here.

For all intents and purposes, this community is dead. It really didn't gorw as I'd panned, partially because I negelcted it. SO, tihs site is just going to fade intot obscurity unless someone wants to use it. Okay, ahve fun all.
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09:49pm 19/09/2003
  I no longer have any idea of religion. I've just lost it all. I have this feeling that we all end up in the same place, no matter what. When you die, that's where you go. I no longer have any concept of it. All the posts I have read flap some sort of religious belif, and try and validate it.It's so funny, and something that I'm guilty of too. It's all about the xchenge of information and ideas. You want to be heard, and you want to find someone who is like you. I know I do. No matter what you say or think, that's it. The Buddha was a great person. Christ was a great person. So was Gandhi, so was Mother Teresa. I leave out so many others.

I can't think of what else to say. I just feel so happy righ tnow, and I don't know why.
04:22pm 01/09/2003
mood: curious
What would you say is the difference between Taoism and Nihilism?

crossposted to taoism, taoistwisdom, along_the_way, tao_of_pooh, everyday_tao, wu_wei_family, laotzu, nihilists.
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12:04pm 15/08/2003
  This website is nice, and it has some great Talismans (many of which I use myself). Just ignore the parts about paying homage to Master Lu, and it's a nice website. The part about Bruce Lee and the Black Magic is also very interesting. Very nice site.
Taoist Talismans by Yellow Dragon
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Chapter one, the Tao Te Ching 
09:34pm 05/08/2003
mood: mellow
Tao, the subtle reality of the universe
cannot be described.

that which can be described in words
is merely a conception of the mind.
Although names and descriptions have been applied to it,
the subtle reality is beyond description.

One may use the word "Nothingness"
to describe the Origin of the univeres,
adn "Beingness"
to describe the Mother of myriad things,
but Nothingness and Beingness are merely conceptions

From the perspective of nothingness,
one ma percieve the expansion of the universe.
From the perspective of Beingness,
one may distinguish individual things.
Both are for the conceptual convenience of the mind.

Although different concepts can be applied,
Nothingness and Beingness
and other conceptual activityof the mind
all come from the same indescribable subtle Originalness.
The Way is the unfoldment of such subtle reality.
Having reached the subtlety of the universe,
one may see the ultimate subtlety,
the Gate of All Wonders.
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05:03pm 05/08/2003
mood: peaceful
First entries are always tough to do...
I will start with an introduction. I am kuroutesshin, maintainer of this community. I am what you would call a flok Taoist, but I also am a traditional Taoist. This is for wisdom, advice, problems, and stuff in general. I will be periodically posting the chapters of the Tao Te Ching here, one by one. My copy was translated by Hua Ching-Ni, and Taoist master. Also, I am fortunate enough to have a copy og the Hua Hu Ching, so that might be thrown in there (Also by Lao Tzu). So, I hope you all enjoy my little community. Wu Wei!